HCA and Fred C. Church Collaborate on Promotion for WEEI Sports Radio

Thanks to Fred C. Church Insurance, the Home Care Alliance has an ad on WEEI Sports Radio (850-AM) that promotes the Alliance’s member home health agencies and especially the Home Care Accreditation Program for private pay home care agencies.

Hear the ad with the Alliance’s Associate Director Tim Burgers below, which is currently running on WEEI.

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How Home Care Can Help Family Caregivers

In a moving piece at The Atlantic, Jonathan Rauch describes the enormous strain — both physical and psychological — he of being a family care giver:

In the early weeks, I was protective of his independence. He believed that confinement in a nursing home would kill him, and I understood that his autonomy was the thread by which his emotional health hung. But his motor control was not cooperating. By summer, he was having trouble getting out of bed. Many days, he relied on the maintenance man to dress him, or never managed to dress properly at all. On several occasions, I arrived in his apartment to find him lying on the floor, unable to get up. He was no longer able to manage his own mail or appointments. Often his slurred voice on the phone was barely intelligible. When I called, he would manage to pick up the phone but said only “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” before hanging up. Continue reading “How Home Care Can Help Family Caregivers”

Alliance Meets with New Medicaid Director

photo of Julian HarrisThe Governor appointed a new Director of Medicaid in June and the Alliance has had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Julian Harris (pictured left) twice since he began acclimating to his new role.

HCA staff joined other advocates in a meeting that involved personal and organizational introductions to the new Director as well as a mention of a few top issues for each organization as it pertains to MassHealth activity. Prior to that, Alliance staff was among a small group of providers meeting with Health and Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby and other officials on the Dual Eligibles Care Integration Project, which Dr. Harris sat in on.

According to a press release issued by the Governor’s office, Dr. Harris currently practices primary care at the Southern Jamaica Plain Community Health Center and hospitalist medicine at the Cambridge Health Alliance, both of which serve populations with high levels of participation in MassHealth and other state health programs. He is a clinical fellow on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and a senior resident in internal medicine and primary care at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and its affiliated Southern Jamaica Plain Community Health Center. He formerly served at the World Bank, where he was charged with day-to-day management of the World Bank Institute’s AIDS program. He also worked on national health payment and delivery system reform for an international client at McKinsey & Company.

The Alliance looks forward to working with Dr. Harris on the challenges and opportunities for home care and MassHealth members.

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