Alliance Budget Priority Message to Ways & Means

Testimony to the Joint Committee on Ways & Means regarding our budget priorities
60 Day Cut Fact Sheet
Telehealth Fact Sheet

Home health services are an important part of caring for the elderly, mentally ill and otherwise infirm citizens of Massachusetts and helps individuals remain independent in their homes and communities. Home health is also cost-effective in keeping patients out of nursing homes and hospitals as well as reducing visits to the emergency room. The industry carries with it opportunities for further cost savings, but the circumstances of our economy have hindered their advancement.

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Alliance Testimony on Fair Share Contributions

Pat Kelleher’s Testimony on Fair Share Contributions

Our primary concern with these proposed changes is their impact on our smaller, private care home care companies.  These companies have emerged to meet a growing need for quality affordable elder care in our state; they are providing new jobs in our state, often for workers who are new to the workplace. But the work hours fluctuate widely for their direct care workers depending on the number of clients, on each client’s health status, and even the time year. Over this past year the vast majority of these entities have done what they believed the state wanted them to do. They worked to comply with the law, including the state’s new fair share rules, and filing deadlines. Few opted to pay rather than comply.  With these proposed changes, especially including that quarterly test, it seems to them that what the state now wants is not compliance, but payment.

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High Gas Prices Impact Home Care Providers

Higher gasoline prices affect home care providers.

When gasoline was over $4 per gallon in June of 2008, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice released a study of how the prices at that time impacted home care staff and the industry. Click on the press release for more information.

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Alliance Testimony to Health IT Council

Alliance Executive Director Pat Kelleher’s testimony to the Health IT Council

The Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts represents nearly 150 member agencies employing more than 19,000 workers who provide over 5 million home care visits each year.  The services they deliver to approximately 175,000 elderly, mentally ill and otherwise infirm Massachusetts residents should qualify these agencies as “meaningful users” of Electronic Health Records with Health Information Exchange connectivity.

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