High Gas Prices Impact Home Care Providers

Higher gasoline prices affect home care providers.

When gasoline was over $4 per gallon in June of 2008, the National Association for Home Care & Hospice released a study of how the prices at that time impacted home care staff and the industry. Click on the press release for more information.

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Alliance Testimony to Health IT Council

Alliance Executive Director Pat Kelleher’s testimony to the Health IT Council

The Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts represents nearly 150 member agencies employing more than 19,000 workers who provide over 5 million home care visits each year.  The services they deliver to approximately 175,000 elderly, mentally ill and otherwise infirm Massachusetts residents should qualify these agencies as “meaningful users” of Electronic Health Records with Health Information Exchange connectivity.

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Alliance Fights Cut to Home Health Rates

Pat Kelleher’s testimony regarding the January 22 hearing in front of the Division of Health Care Finance & Policy on MassHealth’s cut to home health rates.

Despite a rate that barely covers average direct costs, the state is now asking that agencies absorb the expenses associated with a 20% rate cut on approximately 40% of visits.  It’s difficult for home health agencies to see equity in such a cut and freeze reflected across the long term care system.

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Testimony Opposing Cut to PERS

The Alliance’s testimony to DHCFP regarding a cut to the monthly rate for PERS equipment and services.

    To utilize a Personal Emergency Response System is not a luxury; it is an absolute necessity for tens of thousands of seniors in Massachusetts, not to mention its great importance for their working or out of state children and grandchildren. Nobody can turn on the television or open a newspaper without hearing of financial difficulties, bailouts, layoffs and budget cuts, but a 33 percent cut to a service used by so many is extraordinary even by today’s standards.