Tim Burgers of the Alliance Receives Achievement Award from ASAE

The below press announcement regarding the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) “Association Professional Achievement Award,” given to the Alliance’s Associate Director Timothy Burgers, was published in the Winthrop Transcript on June 18.

Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts Associate Director and Winthrop resident Timothy Burgers has received the Association Professional Achievement Award by the American Society of Association Executives for his 20 years of service for the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, a trade association that represents home health and home care agencies in the state.

“Tim has been an invaluable member of a team that may have changed during his 20 years, but the constant has been his leadership of and commitment to the organization and its goals,” said Home Care Alliance Executive Director Patricia Kelleher. “Tim has been an integral piece of maturing the Alliance from a small volunteer-driven organization to the fiscally sound and growing entity that exists today.”

The ASAE’s award is given to an association or nonprofit professional for exemplary service and outstanding accomplishments in management. Since the Alliance has been in existence for 40 years, Mr. Burgers’ tenure has spanned half of the organization’s time thus far. Mr. Burgers is responsible for all internal operations, financial management, human resources, technology development, member services, and general office management. His steady hand and management skills have guided the Home Care Alliance through three name changes, four office moves, the creation of a subsidiary non-profit Foundation and multiple by-law overhauls and revisions.

Under Mr. Burgers and Patricia Kelleher, the Alliance has reached 150 member agencies that employ more than 19,000 workers providing over 5 million home care visits each year to approximately 175,000 elderly, mentally ill and otherwise infirm Massachusetts residents.

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