Boston Globe Op-Ed: Finally, Long-Term Home Health Care

Former Boston Globe editorial pages editor and current Senior Fellow at the Harvard AIDS Initiative Loretta McLaughlin wrote about US Senator Ted Kennedy’s effort to include home health in the national reform initiative.

The Op-Ed piece from July 19 highlights Senator Kennedy’s proposal, the associated costs, and how it would work. Click here to read “Finally, long-term home health care.”

McLaughlin writes how the need for home care is immense as is the proper coverage to help people pay for it. She states:

More than 10 million Americans receive home care, and the number will rise rapidly as the population ages. Estimates hold that 75 percent of us will need home care at some point during our lifetime.

This kind of medical/social service is of inestimable benefit to the chronically ill, the elderly, the mentally disabled, and to adults recuperating from a temporary illness. Home-based personal assistance would allow many of them to return to work. And it would be a godsend for the 90 percent of Americans who have had no meaningful protection against this medical expense.

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