Organizations Send Joint Letter to Legislators on CORI issue

A group of six long-term and community care organizations sent a joint letter to key state legislators regarding cutbacks that have resulted in a burdensome delay in CORI processing.

The organizations – Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Senior Care Association, Massachusetts Council for Home Care Aide Services, the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, Massachusetts Assisted Living Facilities Association, and MassAging  – voiced concern over a substantial reduction in staff to the Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB) who, among other things, process Criminal Offender Record Information for employers.

Click here to read the joint letter sent to legislators.

The group of organizations, and the members they serve, were informed that processing delays could take up to six weeks from the former turnaround time of two days. Until the state realizes the goal of an automated system where access to information for employers and landlords is near instantaneous, the joint letter asks that an alternative be reached so that agencies can hire staff to, in turn, deliver the necessary care that patients require.

For the latest updates on CORI processing delays and other pertinent news, check the CHSB website by clicking here.

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