New Medicare Website Launched to Help Caregivers

A new website called “Ask Medicare” was recently launched as a resource and navigation tool for the millions of caregivers so that answers and information can be readily obtained for those who give much of their time caring for others.

Many features are available on the site, including help with billing, comparing drug plans, locating care, and even a chat room for caregivers to exchange their stories and experiences.

CNN did a report on the new website, which you can see by clicking here. The article focuses on Kim Mickens, a Baltimore woman who spends 40 hours per week caring for her mother Delphine who lives with Alzheimer’s disease.  Below a a brief clip from the CNN story:

Today, Mickens and her mother are a loving twosome. When Mickens is at work, she leaves Delphine with an in-home nurse and relies on her son to help out when he gets home from school. Mickens finally feels content about the quality of care her mother is getting, and she says it would have never happened so quickly had she not found the Ask Medicare Web site.

“I have no problems with it: Once I punch it in, it comes up and takes me out to all the different Web sites,” say Mickens. “It’s very helpful. I am glad they came up with it.”

Click here to visit the newly-launched “Ask Medicare” web tool for caregivers.

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