State Steps Up Defense Against Flu

State public health officials have adopted emergency regulations to allow dentists, pharmacists and paramedics to provide the H1N1 flu vaccine for the upcoming fall flu season.

As reported on State House News and in the Boston Globe, the Public Health Council made the decision in light of budget resrictions and the need to protect millions of state residents against the H1N1 virus. According to State House News, the Springtime wave resulted in 1,383 confirmed cases and 10 deaths in Massachusetts.

The emergency regulations go into effect on September 14 and accompany an additional 75,000 doses of  the vaccine purchased by the Department of Public Health. The 885,000 doses this year are up from 810,000 doses a year ago. State House News reports that “Another 2.2 million doses are expected to come from the private sector, including commercial vaccinators, health care providers and health care facilities.”

For more information, click here to read the story from on the new precautions.

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