Lynn Item: Home Health Firm Bridges Cultures

The Lynn Item ran a front-page feature story (Sept. 15) on Glenn Bacheller who is the owner of MultiCultural Home Care, Inc. of Lynn.

The article highlights how Bacheller came into the home health industry in Massachusetts after being president of Baskin Robbins and Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin’ Donuts, among other positions, and living across the country. Click here to read the online version of the Lynn Item article and below is a clip from the story.

With Baby Boomers well into their 60s but showing little sign of slowing down, Bacheller is strategically positioned to meet that generation’s eventual health care needs. “I’ve got a company that helps people by letting them stay in their homes longer, which is where most people want to be if they’re old or sick,” he said. “Assisted-living facilities and nursing homes are options only when when they become absolutely necessary.”

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