Delays in Seasonal Flu Vaccine Distribution

We recognize that this is major inconvenience for all providers who have plans in place for administering seasonal flu vaccine.  However, please remember that the pandemic H1N1 virus is currently circulating in our communities and it is important to vaccinate as many people as possible as soon as possible with H1N1 vaccine to mitigate the impact of the H1N1 virus.   In New England, we usually don’t experience sustained transmission of seasonal flu virus strains until late fall or early winter, so there is still time to administer seasonal flu vaccine through the fall and winter.   While every flu season, and especially this one, reminds that here is very little that is predictable about influenza, CDC and other federal decision making bodies must make decisions based on the best data available at the moment.

We are all in this together, and together we will do the best job possible to protect the residents of the Commonwealth against both seasonal and H1N1 influenza.

Please see attached DPH memo based on the most recent CDC information.


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