Boston Globe: Senate Dems Negotiate Public Option

The Boston Globe has reported that liberal and moderate Democrats in the Senate have reached a tentative deal “to drop a full-fledged government-run insurance plan from the health care overhaul bill and replace it with a patchwork of new ideas to help people get coverage, according to a Democratic Senate staffer.”

Senate majority leader Harry Reid announced that a team of 10 liberal and moderate Democrats had reached “broad agreement’’ on a compromise that would allow Senate Democrats to move the bill forward.

Reid did not provide details, saying he wants congressional budget analysts to determine its cost. But he implied it could garner the 60 votes required to clear the way for passage.

“The question is . . . is the end in sight?’’ Reid said, responding to a reporter at a brief press conference. “The answer is yes.’’

The article highlights some possible new provisions to provide health coverage to the uninsured and explains other recent action taken on the health reform bill. Since the House passed the government-run insurance option to compete with private insurers, that difference, among others, will have to be reconciled by House and Senate negotiators.

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