Help Support HCA Senate Budget Amendments

Help us stand up for home health and home care!

The Home Care Alliance has two major priorities filed in the Senate budget, which will be debated this week.

Please call your State Senator today, or send them an email, and urge them to support the following amendments:

  • #607 filed by Senator Richard T. Moore to establish a telehealth pilot program that would care for 100 patients for one year and would promote the cost-saving and quality benefits of home monitoring technology for patients who have required or will require care of high frequency or long duration.

HCA has an email message uploaded to our Legislative Action page that are ready to be sent. All you have to do is type in your contact information and the advocacy system will identify your senator and show the message you can send.

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One thought on “Help Support HCA Senate Budget Amendments”

  1. “Apple a day keeps the doctor away” Check out this company in British Columbia. Apple-A-Day Home Care Services has been taking care of my mother in her own home for the past year. They come to the house Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to help her with her meals, clean, meds, and grocery shop. Apple-A-Day even has a division in their company that mows her lawn and weeds her garden for her. It is great for me and my Brother because it is a one stop shop and we dont have to worry about her being lonely!
    Take care.
    Ryan from White Rock

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