HCA Board Sends FMAP Letter to Scott Brown

The Home Care Alliance Board of Directors has sent a letter to US Senator Scott Brown, joining advocates and health providers from across Massachusetts who are urging Congressional support for an extension of Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) funds.

Massachusetts is one of 30 states relying on the federal matching funds for MassHealth and has already budgeted for the money as part of the state budgeting process. Many US Senators, including Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, are against the extension with a belief that it would add to the federal deficit.

Unlike the federal government, Massachusetts must present a balanced budget at the end of the fiscal year. Governor Deval Patrick announced that the budget would have to be reduced another 3.6% if the matching funds are not approved and state legislative leaders are preparing for a scenario where the federal matching funds would not be available.

The Federal Medical Assistance Percentages (FMAPs) are used in determining the amount of Federal matching funds for State expenditures for assistance payments for certain social services, and State medical and medical insurance expenditures. This year, such funds are worth at least $608 million to Massachusetts.

A message is available on the HCA’s Legislative Action Network that can be sent to federal elected officials. Just scroll down until you see the FMAP message under the “Medicaid” heading.

Contact Senator Brown’s office to urge that he support the FMAP extension.

Return to www.thinkhomecare.org.

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