HCA Issues PECOS Physician Notice for Agencies

In an effort to alert physicians referring patients for Medicare home health services about PECOS (Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System), the Home Care Alliance has drafted an Important Notice to Physicians document for members to use.

The document summarizes the PECOS issue as well as instructions for physicians on the enrollment process.

For more information and background on PECOS, visit this blog post.

Return to www.thinkhomecare.org.

2 thoughts on “HCA Issues PECOS Physician Notice for Agencies”

  1. The notice is well written. However, did you see the latest that the time has been extended now? I can forward the info you are interested.

    1. Hi Jan: Yes, we did see the CMS notice dated June 30. The notice says, in part, “CMS will, for the time being, not implement changes that would automatically reject claims based on orders, certifications, and referrals made by providers that have not yet had their applications approved by July 6, 2010.” This seems to imply that the physician must have BEGUN the application process by July 6. The notice also does NOT say that CMS will consider those claims valid — i tonly says they wont be automatically rejected. there is a lot of ambiguity here that needs to be clarified.

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