Medicaid Funding for States Clears US Senate

A federal program aimed at sending states funding for education and Medicaid providers cleared the US Senate by a vote of 61-38, according to reports by CNN and the Boston Globe.

Out of the $16 billion in Medicaid money and $10 billion for education, Massachusetts stands to receive $655 million in total with $405 million in one-time funds allocated for Medicaid services.

Massachusetts was one of 30 states that constructed their budget with the expectation that FMAP, or Federal Medical Assistance Percentages that supply federal funds to state Medicaid operations, would be extended. When that action was delayed, however, the state had to come up with a contingency budget that set up Medicaid-funded programs to be compensated mostly by the Massachusetts General Fund and a smaller percentage coming from FMAP.

Without these funds, Massachusetts and other states would be forced to make cuts. The program now moves to a vote in the US House of Representatives.

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