The Home Care Alliance has prepared an awareness campaign centered on “getting out the vote” for home health and home care patients.

Patients served by home care agencies may not be able to physically get to their polling place to vote, but absentee ballots are available so that people can retain one more piece of their independence by exercising their right to vote from home.

This program involves informing patients that absentee ballots are available at their local town and city halls. All they have to do is apply by mail or have a family member apply to receive one. Your staff can help patients fill out the information to apply for the absentee ballot and even assist the patient in filling out the ballot itself, so long as the patient verifies the ballot and the fact that they were assisted with their signature.

For agencies who are interested, a press release is available upon request for local media (Note: for Medicare-certified agencies, the press release can be used as an opportunity to also raise awareness around the CMS proposed rule changes).

This program is one more way to have the voice of home care heard at a critical time. Please contact the Alliance for more information.

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