HCA Submits Comments to CMS on Moratorum, Screening Requirements Rule

The Home Care Alliance submitted comments on a proposed rule from CMS, specifically focusing on “Temporary Moratoria on Enrollment of Medicare Providers and Suppliers, Medicaid and CHIP Providers.”

The comments point out data that supports the need for a temporary moratorium on Medicare-certified home health providers. For instance:

…from 2001-2006, Medicare spending grew 2.5 times more in states where the number of home health agencies (HHA’s) increased as compared to states where the number of providers remained the same or decreased.

Highlighting the lack of licensure and Certificate of Need, along with the growth in the number of certified agencies, the Alliance saw an opportunity to protect the hard work of existing agencies that have established a tradition of quality and honesty in the business.

Click here to see more on the CMS proposed rule (CMS-2010-0239-0001: “Medicare, Medicaid and Childrens Health Insurance Programs: Additional Screening Requirements, etc, for Providers and Suppliers)

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