HCA Submits Comments on Telehealth for EOHHS Budget Hearing

An article in the January 3rd edition of the Boston Globe highlighted the trouble that Massachusetts and many other states are experiencing when it comes to managing the Medicaid program.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services had two public hearings on the upcoming fiscal year 2012 budget and how services can be made more efficient while lowering cost. The Home Care Alliance submitted comments on behalf of agencies currently utilizing or interested in becoming involved in home telehealth. HCA’s comments suggested that if MassHealth, the state’s Medicaid program, reimbursed home health agencies for administering the remote patient monitoring service, a significant cost savings could be realized.

See HCA’s comments here. To submit your own comments to EOHHS, see this previous blog post for more information and guidance. Comments can be sent via email to eohhshearings@massmail.state.ma.us or sent by regular mail to:

Secretary JudyAnn Bigby, EOHHS
One Ashburton Place, Room 1109
Boston, MA 02108

Return to www.thinkhomecare.org.

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