Reminder: CMS Forum on Value-Based Purchasing

This is a reminder that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) will be hosting an “Open Door Forum“on designing a value-based purchasing program for home health agencies. The forum is intended to solicit input from all parties interested in implementing such a program.

CMS Special Open Door Forum

Designing A Home Health Value Based Purchasing Program

Thursday, February 24th from 1:30-3:00pm (Conference call only)

Value-based purchasing (VBP) is meant to link payment more directly to the quality of care provided and is along the same lines of other payment reform efforts seeking to reward providers for delivering high quality and efficient clinical care.

Section 3006 of the Affordable Care Act requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to develop a plan to implement a value-based purchasing program for payments to home health agencies under the Medicare program.

CMS will be seeking stakeholder input on a number of topics defined in the statute including:

  • The ongoing development, selection, and modification process for measures of quality and efficiency;
  • The reporting, collection, and validation of quality data;
  • The structure of value-based payment adjustments, including the determination of thresholds or improvements in quality, the size of such payments, and the sources of funding for the value-based bonus payments;
  • Methods for the public disclosure of information on the performance of home health agencies;
  • and any other issues.

If you wish to participate on Feb 24th, dial 1-800-837-1935 – Conference ID 37941789.

More information on this and other CMS Open Door Forums is available here.

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