Geriatric Medication Management Course

Many older home care patients have one or more chronic illnesses and take numerous medications complicating the task of medication management. If you’re a frontline nurse manager, clinical director, QI/QA officer or certified clinical case manager, this online course can help you find practical ways to monitor a patient’s medication regimen.

This 4 unit, self-paced course:

  • Incorporates real-time data to assess your team’s performance and measure improvement; You can also compare your progress with others taking the course.
  • Describes the impact of medication-related problems in older adults
  • Simplifies the 3-step medication reconciliation process with practical tools
  • Walks you through the SBAR technique so you can effectively communicate with physicians
  • Enables you to apply each lesson with your team members; 81% of previous participants said their staff’s geriatric medication management clinical skills improved as a result


About the Course

  •     CHAMP launches new site Designed for frontline nurse managers, clinical directors, QI/QA officers, and clinical case managers
  •     10 CE hours for registered nurses and certified clinical case managers


Early Bird Special (20% discount now through 6/30/11):

$149 $119 per participant
$109 $87 per participant for members of one of the following state associations:

• California Association for Health Services at Home

• Georgia Association for Home Health Agencies

• Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts

• HomeCare Association of Arkansas

• Home Care Association of Florida

• Home Care Association of New Hampshire

• Home Care Association of New York State

• Home Care Association of Washington

• MHA: An Association of Montana Health Care Providers

• New Mexico Association for Home and Hospice Care

• Pennsylvania Home Care Association

• Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care, Inc.


Click this link, Geriatric Medication Management Course, for more information and to register.

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Author: Royce Tyree

Royce Tyree is the Alliance's Meeting and Education Manager.

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