CMS Care Transition Program Update and Guidance

Masspro, the state’s quality improvement organization, held a conference call on the CMS Community Based Care Transitions Program and provided some useful guidance for those looking to apply or reapply for funding.

Based on a CMS call with QIO’s, there were three common elements that tripped up applications from community based organizations, hospitals and other partners:

  • Firstly, in many applications, CMS said that it was not clear that the community-based organization was eligible and did not fit the criteria laid out in the solicitation, fact sheets and Q&A’s.
  • Second, many applications included budget items that were outside of what CMS would fund. For instance, CMS will only fund activities directly related to the intervention and not indirect costs like data collection. CMS is also said to be aiming for an across-the-board 20 percent reduction in readmissions for the program collectively as an attainable and reasonable target. Budgets within an application should reflect that element.
  • Lastly, CMS found that there were a lack of community partnerships in the applications they reviewed. Looking at the seven successful applications, it is clear that there is a large group of partners serving a relatively broad geographic region.

In addition to the Masspro call, CMS has once again updated their CCTP webpage to include panel review dates for incoming applications through March 27th. Also, summaries of all seven of the successful applications are now posted.

The Home Care Alliance will continue to provide guidance and assistance to home care agencies interested in applying and will connect any hospital or community partners looking for home care agencies in their area.

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