Mass Nurses Association Misrepresents Alliance Proposal

In an effort to advance a major policy priority, the Home Care Alliance took the language of the “nurse delegation” bill – formally known as S.2242, An Act Relative to Home Health Aides – and had it filed as an amendment to the health care payment reform bill proposed in the state’s House of Representatives.

State Representative Kay Khan, a psychiatric nurse, agreed to file the amendment on behalf of the Alliance, which would allow (not mandate) nurses in the home care setting only to delegate certain medication administration tasks to certified home health aides. As the amendment was being considered by Rep. Khan’s colleagues in the House, the Massachusetts Nurses Association circulated this document to state representatives.

The document completely misrepresents the intent and substance of the language proposed by HCA. The inaccurate assertions, along with misguided advocacy of the MNA based on those inaccuracies,  led to the amendment being withdrawn.

The Home Care Alliance has met with the MNA to reeducate their leaders on the actual intent of the proposal and voice deep concern that their document was saturated with erroneous comments.

The Nurse Delegation bill itself remains in a Senate committee tasked with scheduling the proposal for a vote before the full Senate.

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