State Budget Advocacy Needed on Telehealth

The FY13 state budget conference committee that will meld the House and Senate budget proposals are in negotiations and HCA needs your help in advocating so that we can achieve MassHealth reimbursement of telehealth services and adequate funding in the state home care programs.  (According to Mass Home Care, there were 935 elders on the Enhanced Community Options program waiting list as of May, 2012.)

Members and advocates can do their part by calling or emailing the members of the conference committee and asking them to:

  1. Support Senate budget amendment #692 which would direct Masshealth to reimburse for telehealth services
  2. Support the House funding proposal over the Senate’s for Enhanced Community Options Program (ECOP), line-item 9110-1500.  The House budget proposal gives the ECOP program $1.327 million more than the Senate.
  3. Support House funding proposal over the Senate’s for Elder Home Care Purchased Services, line-item 9110-1630.  The House budget gives almost $500,000 more dollars to this account which funds the Basic Elder Home Care program.

Here are the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the conference committee:

The telehealth amendment language, data, and talking points are all available on a fact sheet prepared by the Alliance.  Please contact these legislators today, even if they do not represent your area.  Please urge your legislators to do all he/she can to support this funding. In addition, when you speak to your Senator’s office, be sure to thank the Senate for adding this critical funding to their FY13 budget proposal.

If you or the legislators you speak with have any questions, contact James Fuccione at HCA.

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