Dual Eligible Services Demo RFR Now Available

The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) has released the Request for Responses relative to the demonstration project to integrate care for dually eligible individuals.

The RFR is a solicitation for potential Integrated Care Organizations, or ICO’s, that will manage the integration of services and payment for dual eligibles aged 21-64. The Home Care Alliance is holding a special event for all agencies interested in this initiative. Please see the event in our Calendar section titled “Building Partnerships with Managed Care Plans for Dual Eligible Care” where special guest speakers will educate attendees on the demonstration and how agencies can play a key role. Potential ICO’s have also been invited for discussion and networking.

For those interested in viewing the  solicitation and corresponding materials, the instructions are below:

1)  In your browser, enter the URL for the Commonwealth’s procurement web page: www.comm-pass.com.

2)  Near the bottom of the page, click on the hyperlink that reads: “Search for Solicitations.”

3)  When the Search page comes up, scroll down to the section that says “Search by Specific Criteria” and in the document number box, enter the following: 12CBEHSDUALSICORFR.

4)  The Search result will appear as a hyperlink at the top of the new page. It should read: “There is 1 solicitation(s) found that match your search criteria.”  Click on this sentence and it will take you to the Comm-PASS listing for this solicitation.

5)  Click on “view” (the eyeglasses on the right) and you will get the summary page for the Request for Responses for Integrated Care Organizations.

6)   Click on the blue folder-type tab called “Specifications” and you will see the RFR documents and appendices that have been posted for this topic. In addition, the required forms that Respondents to the RFR will need to provide are available under the “Forms and Terms” tab.  To view the documents, click on the eyeglasses to the right of the title of each document,  .

The documents will also be posted shortly on our duals demonstration website, www.mass.gov/masshealth/duals, under “Information for Organizations Interested in Serving as ICOs.”

Responses to the RFR will be due to MassHealth by 4:00 PM (EDT), July 30, 2012.

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One thought on “Dual Eligible Services Demo RFR Now Available”

  1. Please note that statewide that advocates are concerned about the control being taken away from them from the ICO’s if they are dual eligible. Many consumers with Personal Care Attendants are used to managing them according to the independent living philosophy.

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