Mass. Thanks HCA and Members for Survey Participation

The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services thanked the Home Care Alliance and member agencies who participated in the recently completed Direct Service Workers (DSW) Survey.

A comprehensive report of the survey results is underway and those results will be available Fall 2012. Results will be shared with all providers who received the survey. Below is part of the ‘thank you’ statement:

Thanks in large part to outreach assistance provided by Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts, we received a survey response rate of 36%.  We’re happy to announce that the federal contractor, The Lewin Group, who has provided assistance through the survey process, is preparing a report which will include an analysis of the Massachusetts survey results. The Lewin Group anticipates this report will be ready for distribution by the end of September and we plan to share the report, along with additional survey results and analysis, with all providers who received the DSW Employer Survey.  We will distribute the report by email and will send a postcard to all providers asking them to submit an email address for this purpose.

The Direct Service Worker Employer Survey is a collaborative effort with the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Council for Home Care Aide Services, Inc. to collect state-specific data on the home and community-based direct service workforce including volume, stability, wages and compensation.

According to EOHHS, information from this survey will be used to develop ways to attract more workers and keep workers longer.  The information from this survey can also assist organizations in understanding how they compare to other organizations in Massachusetts, and how organizations in Massachusetts compare to those in other states. Survey results will be used to better understand the current state of the direct service workforce in Massachusetts and areas for policy improvement.

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