Register for Great Events in October

October is a busy month for events at the Home Care Alliance with some unique opportunities to hear insight from state government on their activity around care transitions, hospice/palliative care initiatives, and electronic health record implementation.

The month kicks off with an Executive Breakfast with Madeleine Biondolillo, MD on October 4. Dr. Biondolillo  is the Director of the Mass DPH Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality, which is responsible for such efforts as improving care transitions, implementing new End Of Life Care Initiatives, and establishing a health care workforce center.

The Alliance is also pleased to host a free event at the VNA of Boston on October 5th for home health IT personnel as well as other interested agency leaders and staff on the state’s “Last Mile” Implementation regarding electronic health records. This event will involve a presentation and discussion with Lawrence Stuntz who is the Director of the Massachusetts eHealth Institute, the Commonwealth’s entity for health care innovation, technology, and competitiveness. Although there is no cost, HCA is requiring registration.

To see our other events for this month, including informative webinars and meetings, check out HCA’s calendar of events.

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