Multimedia Home Care Ad Campiagn in Full Swing

The Home Care Alliance is engaged in its own campaign this fall.

The inaugural HCA Multimedia Campaign is in full swing this fall thanks to a partnership between the Alliance and WGBH where member home care agencies have the opportunity to “sponsor”  public radio programming. These sponsorships are mentioned on 89.7 WGBH (Boston Public Radio) as well as 99.5 Classical New England and direct listeners to a custom webpage with the participating member agencies.

Also rotating with other sponsors on the WGBH and Classical New England websites is a graphic that also directs people to the HCA’s custom webpage.

The sponsorships play continuously through the first week of November for participating member agencies and run on various times through the day.

These sponsorships promote the home health or home care agency, but also raise the profile of home care and generate interest in the industry at large. The listeners of these stations are overwhelmingly the demographic of people that are interested in learning more about or obtaining home care.

To hear a couple of the sample sponsorships, see the audio clips below:

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