Budget Passes With Telehealth, Pediatric Palliative Care Funding

After years of advocacy and passing budget items with weak language that did not compel MassHealth to act, the Governor signed off on the $33.6 billion FY2014 state budget with a provision that recognizes home telehealth as a reimbursable service.

There is still plenty of work to be done with MassHealth, but passing the telehealth language in the budget is the furthest the Home Care Alliance has gone towards achieving reimbursement for an established service known to create efficiencies, improve care, and reduce costs.

The Alliance will be including a push for telehealth in comments on the state’s proposed home health regulation changes. Any agencies or advocates interested in commenting with HCA in an attempt to have the state include telehealth reimbursement in regulation to ensure its permanence should have a letter in to MassHealth by the July 26th deadline. Agencies can contact James Fuccione at the Alliance for details.

Also included in the the final budget is $1.5 million for the Pediatric Palliative Care Network, which serves the unmet physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of children in Massachusetts with life-limiting illnesses. This is more than $670,000 of additional funding over previous budgets.

The Alliance would like to thank all the agencies and advocates who sent emails, made phone calls, met with legislators and otherwise supported telehealth and the pediatric palliative care funding. These items passing in the final budget represent a huge victory for home care and prove that persistent advocacy pays off.

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