Advocacy Alert: Out-of-State MD Orders Legislation

A state legislative priority of the Home Care Alliance will be considered by the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health at their hearing on October 29th in hearing room B-1 of the State House.

The bill is S.1042, An Act to allow out-of-state physicians to order home care in the Commonwealth, and would allow an out-of-state physician in a bordering state to order home care services for a resident of Massachusetts.

Under the bill, the out-of-state physician will not be required to obtain a license form the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine. However, the Massachusetts home health agency will obtain and keep documentation that the out-of-state physician’s license is in good standing. The home health referral must also be the result of an in-person examination. The legislation is intended to remove a significant barrier to home based services by increasing access to physicians and specialists for residents living on or near a border with a neighboring state, those with vacation homes in other states, and those traveling in other states.

Any agencies or advocates interested in submitting written comments or testifying in person can contact James Fuccione at HCA.

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