See Our Previous Physician of the Year, and Nominate Your Own!

The Home Care Alliance is hosting the annual Home Care Innovation Showcase and STAR Awards on April 29th at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. Among those the Alliance recognizes is a “Physician of the Year,” which is nominated by an agency or community partner and awarded to a physician or nurse practitioner who has demonstrated:

  • Active involvement in the homehealth field,
  • Outspoken support for health care delivered in the home; and
  • Longevity in the home health profession

Last year’s Physician of Year award winner was Dr. James Everett who is Medical Director for Hospice of the South Shore. He was nominated by the Hospice’s Director Barbara Karkos who lauded Dr. Everett’s collaborative nature.

HCA's 2013 Physician of the Year, Dr. James Everett
HCA’s 2013 Physician of the Year, Dr. James Everett

“Dr. Everett consistently combines compassion with clinical expertise, always working with us to ‘do the right thing’ for each patient and family,” said Karkos of Dr. Everrett. “He demonstrates true partnership in all of his interactions with the staff at Hospice, as well as with his colleagues in the community, and with patients and families he visits in the home.”

Karkos also touted Dr. Everett’s ability to be innovative in embracing new technology and improving processes, especially when it came to the “physician face-to-face” requirement.

The Home Care Alliance knows there are many “Dr. Everetts” out there and look forward to awarding the next Home Care Physician of the Year.

To nominate a physician, see our nomination form.

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