State Awarded Grant to Rebalance Spending on Community-Based Services

MassHealth announced that they have been awarded a 2% increase in federal funding that will aim to re-balance spending towards community-based long-term services and supports (LTSS). The state’s project summary is available here.

The initiative is known as the Balancing Incentive Program, or BIP, and the enhanced federal funding is provided through Section 4002 of the Affordable Care Act. To participate, states must commit to achieving 50% spending on non-institutional LTSS by September 2015 and implementing structural changes to improve their long-term care system.

The enhanced funds for Massachusetts will be used to directly or indirectly increase offerings of or access to Medicaid-funded LTSS. The specific uses of the funding will be determined over the next several months through a stakeholder engagement process and negotiations with CMS.

The enhanced federal funding will run until September 30, 2015, and is intended to support Medicaid-funded, non-institutional long-term care services for individuals of all ages with physical, mental health developmental/intellectual and cognitive disabilities.

In a presentation to stakeholders, including the Home Care Alliance, MassHealth said they intend to develop a “No Wrong Door” system. This system is designed to strengthen partnerships across state agencies and processes so that people receive the services they need from whomever they need regardless of the state agency an individual makes initial contact with or is referred to first. The program will also set up new clinical assessment tools and is required to set up a “conflict-free” case management system.

In total, MassHealth expects at least an additional $85 million and as much as $110.6 million in enhanced federal funding. The Home Care Alliance is part of a stakeholder group to advise the state on how the financial assistance will be spent. A July 31 deadline has been set for the state to submit a work plan.

Stay tuned to our blog for updates and more information.

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