Ebola Preparedness Info and Resources Released by DPH

Through press conferences and announcements, state officials have repeatedly stressed that the likelihood of an Ebola case is Massachusetts is “very low,” but that does not mean local healthcare providers should not be prepared and the general public should not be educated on the issue.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has posted information and resources on a special webpage  with guidance for clinicians and other helpful information. Misinformation about the disease has caused some of the concern, but the state continues to monitor the situation.

Here is part of a recent Public Health Advisory:

Massachusetts is well prepared to handle an incidence of Ebola, in the unlikely event that a case should occur in the Commonwealth. The public can have full confidence that our hospitals have the expertise, preparedness and capacity to handle such a situation. The infectious disease controls in Massachusetts and the United States are world class. Should a patient present Ebola symptoms, the patient would be quickly isolated and treated to prevent the spread of this disease.

Please see the resources below that are listed on mass.gov/dph/ebola.

DPH Guidance for Clinicians

General Information About Ebola Virus

Return to www.thinkhomecare.org.

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