Join HCA in Celebrating National Home Care and Hospice Month

Each November, the Home Care Alliance joins agencies and organizations across the state and the country to celebrate National Home Care & Hospice Month by raising awareness of the value of home-based services and recognizing the clinicians and aides that deliver those services.

The Alliance is promoting a special Home Care & Hospice Month webpage with useful information for consumers explaining home care and how to find the right provider for a loved one or friend. The website also has info for home health and home care agencies about how to promote and celebrate the month-long event.

Especially useful for consumers is the “Home Care FAQ” page on the Alliance’s Home Care & Hospice Month website. Not only does this resource address questions like “How do I pay for Home Care?” and “How do I assess my needs?,” but also provides a list of questions for consumers to ask home care agencies. That way, consumers can be sure they’re getting the best possible care for themselves, a loved one or friend.

Social media is a big part of the HCA’s awareness campaign so the Alliance is asking that any agencies with clinicians or aides they would like to recognize can send a photo to James Fuccione with the person’s name and title so we can spotlight them on our Facebook page.

If your home care or hospice agency has any events or activities being carried out this month for the event, please let us know via Facebook and twitter (@thinkhomecare).

If you are a consumer, be sure to check out our Home Care & Hospice Month webpage!

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