UPCOMING THIS WEEK- Legal Breakfast: Complying with the MA Sick Leave Law

Join us this Wednesday, February 25 from 8:30-11:00 AM at the Sheraton Framingham for breakfast and an educational meeting on Complying with the MA Sick Leave Law.Effective July 1, 2015, all employers in Massachusetts will be required to offer all employees the opportunity to accrue and use sick time.  For employers with more than ten employees, the sick time must be paid; for smaller employers, it may be unpaid.

Whether paid or unpaid, this new requirement is sure to have a SIGNIFICANT impact on your agency’s operations, payroll, and bottom line.

To help our member agencies understand the implications of this new requirement, and the particular challenges of implementing it in the home care setting, the Alliance will sponsor a Wage & Hour Update on Wednesday, February 25, featuring labor attorneys Allyson Kurker and Margaret Paget of Kurker Paget LLP.  Allyson and Margaret are highly regarded within the labor law sector, and have significant experience interpreting labor law for home care providers.  The presentation will include a model sick leave policy that complies with the new MA regulation, AND an update to the Wage & Hour Legal Memorandum prepared last year for the Alliance by Kurker Paget.

In addition to the new sick time requirements, the presentation will cover other recent labor law developments, including new requirements around domestic violence leave, minimum wage, and the domestic workers right to know law.  The presentation will be preceded by a networking breakfast.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get essential labor law advice from leading experts in the field, at a fraction of the price of an hour of legal services!


Members: $49/ Person

Non-Members: $99/ Person 

To register, click HERE. For any questions, contact Megan Fournier at mfournier@thinkhomecare.org or 617-482-8830

3 thoughts on “UPCOMING THIS WEEK- Legal Breakfast: Complying with the MA Sick Leave Law”

  1. Looking forward to an event like this, I will sure I do my possible best to attend, considering the fact that I am very busy these days, thanks for the notice.

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