Come to the ICD-10 Coding Conference Before October Transition

The anticipated transition to ICD-10 is to be implemented as scheduled on October 1, 2015. Now is the time to attend the ICD-10 Coding Conference being held on April 15-16 with Selman-Holman & Associates, LLC. Maybe you have started training, but where do you go from there? This intermediate ICD-10 course takes coders and other home health professionals one step closer to the finish line in the race to ICD-10 readiness. In this seminar, professionals will review the basics of the conventions and official guidelines relevant to ICD-10-CM, and begin to apply ICD-10 skills to advanced and complex coding scenarios in order to assure mastery of the ICD-10 code set. In addition, the course will review the current guidance for transitional claims testing and processing and provide attendees with an understanding of operational processes necessary to reduce productivity and financial losses. Recently released OASIS C-1 items and the impact of the proposed document on coding processes in home health will also be reviewed to provide a clear and comprehensive understanding of the coding process for ICD-10. In-depth scenarios will provide all attendees with the opportunity to apply learned principles to coding complex patient conditions using OASIS C-1 proposed coding data items using learned ICD-10-CM coding skills in order to assure competency.

To register for the ICD-10 Coding Conference, click here.

The Home Care Alliance of MA has been keeping a close eye on the status of the ICD-10 coding transformation, I have included some important information we have received below:

From: NAHC, Regulatory Affairs

An  ICD-10 Resource Page has been added to the NAHC web site.  click here

NAHC and the home health and hospice vendor community have a shared goal in assuring  that agencies are adequately preparing for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 diagnosis coding. Included on the page are education and guidance materials along with tools to assist our members in attaining  that goal.

The materials have been provided by home health and hospice vendors who work with the NAHC membership. In addition to the materials, the vendors have provided their contact information along with a brief company profile.

The page will be updated as more contributions are received.

Providers should be aware that Congress will not likely delay the implementation date again. Therefore, we anticipate the transition to ICD-10 to be implemented as scheduled on October 1, 2015

CMS Bog:

Successful ICD-10 Testing Shows Industry Ready to Take Next Step to Modernize Health Care

I am delighted to announce that CMS has recently successfully completed the first week of end-to-end testing of new ICD-10 coding.

The International Classification of Diseases, or ICD, is used to standardize codes for medical conditions and procedures. While most countries already use the 10th revision of these codes (or ICD-10), the United States has yet to adopt this convention. Since ICD-10 codes are more specific than ICD-9, doctors can capture much more information, meaning they can better understand important details about the patient’s health than with ICD-9-CM.


Read more of the story here:


To register for the ICD-10 Coding Conference, click here. For any questions, contact Megan Fournier at or 617-482-8830

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