Advocacy Alert: Help Advance Private Home Care Oversight

Last December, the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS), which is a division of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD), finalized regulation that removes private pay home care agencies from the Employment Agency Regulation.

This change, while a welcomed clarification, has left private home care agencies without any state oversight, which means that anyone can open up an agency and can start accepting out-of-pocket payment for providing non-medical supportive services to individuals in their home.

Governor Charlie Baker’s administration has provided a unique opportunity to advocate for reasonable state oversight of private home care agencies. Specifically, they are seeking feedback on how to clarify and streamline Massachusetts regulations across the board via a special webpage called “A Clearer Code.”

The Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts is asking agencies, home care workers and advocates to take the following steps to help home care consumers gain the protection and peace of mind they deserve:

Visit this website:

…And please fill out the online form as follows:

  • Name (optional):
  • Company/Organization (if applicable) (optional):
  • Address (optional):
  • Primary Phone (optional):
  • Email (optional):
  • CMR Number: 429 CMR 10.00
  • General Regulatory Themes: Select either Elders, Health Care, or Licensing & Permitting
  • Please list the Agency or Agencies affiliated with this regulation: Executive Office of Labor & Workforce, Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation, Executive Office of Health and Human Services.
  • Describe the regulatory issue or observation: When this regulation was amended, it dropped state oversight of private-pay home agency services. There are now literally hundreds of private home care agencies operating unlicensed and unregulated. Massachusetts consumers, especially the elderly, deserve better.
  • Suggestions for easing regulatory compliance: We need the Governor to name a commission to study and make recommendations on private home care licensure standards as soon as possible. Home care agencies and the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts needs to be at the table to determine the proper direction for quality services, ethical business practice and consumer protection for vulnerable seniors.

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One thought on “Advocacy Alert: Help Advance Private Home Care Oversight”

  1. YES! Done….and you make it so easy for us to participate. This is an important matter and I hope all of our members weigh in on the need for appropriate oversight of providers. It’s that “one bad apple” that give all of us a bad reputation.
    Thank you!
    Kathy Trier

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