Member Benefit: Free Wound Care Webinars

The Home Care Alliance has a continued partnership with the Wound Care Educational Institute. Wound Care Education Institute® provides comprehensive online and nationwide onsite courses in the fields of Skin, Wound, Diabetic and Ostomy Management. Health care professionals who meet the eligibility requirements may sit for the prestigious:

(WCC®) Wound Care Certification
(DWC®) Diabetic Wound Care
(OMS™) Ostomy Management Specialist

These national board certification examinations are offered through the National Alliance of Wound Care and Ostomy ® (NAWCO®), the largest multidisciplinary group of certified wound care professionals in the United States.

Not only do our members receive discounts on training’s offered by WCEI but you also receive FREE access to numerous webinars such as the ones listed below:

•Diabetic Ulcers Identification and Treatment
•HOW TO: Bariatrics and Skin Fold Management
•HOW TO: Creating the Seal by Making the Right Choices
•HOW TO: Debridement Options: BEAMS Made Easy
•HOW TO: Diabetic Foot Exam Made Easy
•HOW TO: Fistula Management Made Easy
•HOW TO: Medical Device and Moisture Associated Skin Breakdown
•HOW TO: Skin of Color•HOW TO: Skin Tears
•HOW TO: Surgical Incision: Keep your eye on the line
•HOW TO: Tube Basics. Going with the flow
•HOW TO: Writing Policies and Procedures for Wound Care
• Improved Wound Care Outcomes
• Insider Secrets to Wound Care
• Is It Pressure
• Is It Really Infected? How Do I Really Know?
• It’s Not Just a RASH! So What Is It? What Do I Do?
• Ostomy Buzz
• Palliative Wound Care
• PHI, PMRI,EHR, EMR…WHAT? Alphabet Soup or Medical Records?
• Pressure Ulcers- Choosing the Right Treatment
• Skin and Nail Changes in the Diabetic Foot
• Teaching the Teacher
• What stage is it? Pressure Ulcer Staging and Tissue Types
• Wound Assessment

Want more information on these free webinars? Click Here

Interested in attending the next Skin & Wound Care Management Course offered in MA? Click Here

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