Advocacy Alert: Gain Support for Home Care in Workforce Development Bill

Today, the State Senate will be discussing more than 200 amendments to Senate Bill 2423, “An Act relative to job creation, workforce development and infrastructure investment.”

The Home Care Alliance is actively advocating on the following issues and urge HCA members and advocates to contact their state senator by sending a message through our ADVOCACY CENTER and calling offices by using the talking points below.

If you do NOT know who represents you in the State Senate, please visit this site for assistance.

  • OPPOSE Amendment #136 – “Strengthening the Home Care Program”
    • Background: This amendment would create a publicly-available registry listing the personal information of home care workers.
    • The Home Care Alliance is opposed to allowing the public access to the personal information of home care workers proposed in this amendment, including full legal name, date of birth, home address and gender of these workers.
    • This information provides no benefit to consumers of home care services and no benefits to home care workers.
  • SUPPORT Amendment #148 – “Labor Commission Membership”
    • Background: Section 109 of S.2423 creates a special commission to investigate and report on barriers to meeting labor market demands in the commonwealth, including home care – however, there is no home care membership on the commission.
    • The Home Care Alliance supports placing a home care agency representative with knowledge of home care workforce on the Labor Commission.

If you have any questions, please contact James Fuccione at the Alliance.

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