Website Re-Launch!

As you have likely already noticed, the is undergoing a major re-design today.

The website you are now on is our dynamic newsfeed and — despite the different website address — should be considered part of  This is an official part of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts.

A summary of each item posted here will be automatically cross-posted at and you may access the full article by clicking on that summary (which is likely how you got to this page).

All posts on this site will appear on our homepage in the "Alliance News Feed" section
All posts on this site will appear on our homepage in the "Alliance News Feed" section

Once you’ve read the article you clicked on, you may comment or return to (a link will always be provided).  At the moment, the navigation bar up top does not work, though I will be fixing that shortly.

If you’re interested in searching through the archives kept on this website, you can use the tools that appear in the navigation bar immediately on your right.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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Author: Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer is the Alliance's Membership Coordinator and Webmaster. His email address is

One thought on “Website Re-Launch!”

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