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As last winter’s ice storms and this season’s swine flu have reminded us, home care emergency preparation takes more than set of policies in a three ring binder.  In order to get discussion going on the topic before the Spring Trade Conference & Trade Show — which now has a new session on just this topic — we want to hear from you about what your own emergency prep plans.

  • Do you feel your emergency plan is action-ready, or is it just a set of policies?
  • Did you activate any part of it during the current outbreak?
  • Are there other potential emergencies you are more concerned with?
  • How did you compile your plan?
  • What can the Alliance do to help you improve your plan?

Please take just a few moments to post your answers in the comment thread below.

If you’ve already registered for the Spring Conference, we hope you’ll attend this forum.  If you haven’t, we’re still accepting registration online and by fax.

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Author: Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer is the Alliance's Membership Coordinator and Webmaster. His email address is tmeyer@thinkhomecare.org.

2 thoughts on “Emergency Prep. Discussion Forum”

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  2. As a result of the current outbreak we re-evaluated our current plan and felt it was comprehensive enough to provide direction. We did not have to activate any part of our plan for the swine flu however have had partial activations with snow.

    Our plan is based on our hazard vulnerability assessment and feel that it is fairly comprehensive.

    We have not completed the review of the handbook provided by home and health but will do so to make sure we haven’t missed anything.


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