Membership e-Renewals Are Here!

I’m pleased to announce that — for the first time — Alliance agencies will have the choice of either renewing their membership through traditional the hard-copy application or electronically.  Though, the primary contact of each member agency should receive a package with the hard-copy renewal (which should arrive by Friday), we highly encourage you to e-Renew.

What is e-Renewal?

E-Renewal is an option to update your agency’s profile and membership status for FY 2009/2010 by directly accessing our database.  If you chose to e-Renew, there’s no need to fill out the hard-copy application this year.  E-Renewal will be available through at least June 30.

E-Renewals are open to all member agencies, though we do not currently have the ability to offer franchise discounts through it.  If your agency is part of a franchise with two or more Alliance members, you must use the hard-copy form to receive your franchise discount.

Why should you e-Renew?

E-Renewing is faster and more accurate than the traditional hard-copy application.  Because you’re directly accessing our database, there are fewer opportunities for error.  There are also no delays from the post-office or any chance of your application getting lost.

How do I pay if I chose to e-Renew?

At the end of the process, you’ll be given the option of either getting an invoice (which you may print directly) or paying the entire balance with your credit card; if you would like to make a partial payment by credit card, give me a call and I`ll take it over the phone.  At least 25% of your membership dues are due by August 1.

How long does it take to e-Renew?

It depends on how much you need to edit your agency’s profile (address, towns, services, etc).  Assuming modest edits and reasonable bandwidth, you should be able to finish in 10-15 minutes.

What do I do if I have problems/questions?

Contact me (Tom Meyer) at either or (617) 482-0140.

How do I e-Renew?

It’s easy!  Only the Primary Contact from each member agency may e-Renew; unless we have been given instructions otherwise, this is the President/CEO/Executive Director of the agency.

To make sure you don’t get lost, I highly recommend you print these instructions.

Step 1: Go to and hover your mouse over “Members Only”; then, click ‘View/Edit Your Profile’

Step 2: Log-in with your username and password; you must be logged-in with your profile to continue (don`t use somebody elses — they don’t have your permissions).

Step 3: Access the company profile by clicking “view organization” on the left, under “Manage Your Profile.”

Step 4: Once on your company`s profile page, click “renew,” also on the left.

Step 5: Review your company`s profile, editing as necessary.

Step 5a: Edit the Basic Info

Step 5b: Edit the Dues Calculation.  Please certain these values are correct before continuing, as you will not have an opportunity to edit this later.

Step 5c: Edit the Demographics & Directory information.

Step 5d: Edit the Services.  To select – or de-select – one item from the “Services” field at a time, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard as you click with your mouse. Your “Service Description” may not exceed 200 characters, including spaces.

Step 5e: Edit the Towns.  The same rules apply here as to the “Services” above: to select – or de-select – one town at a time, hold down the CTRL button on your keyboard as you click with your mouse.

Step 6: Review your selections and hit the renew button when finished

Step 7: Select payment method.  Click “pay by credit card” only if you intend to pay the entire balance; otherwise, click ‘Bill me.’

Step 8: Review & print your invoice/receipt, which appears under ‘Accounting & Invoicing.”

Our goal with this was to make things easier for you, so please let me know if you have any problems.

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Author: Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer is the Alliance's Membership Coordinator and Webmaster. His email address is

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