Work Continuing from EOHHS Summit

The Alliance is still accepting thoughts, suggestions and concerns from members to bring to the follow-up meetings to the Health and Human Services Summit.

In late November, Governor Deval Patrick and Health and Human Services Secretary Judy Ann Bigby convened a Massachusetts Human Services Summit to gather ideas and suggestions on how state government, and human service providers and organizations, could move forward in the current economic situation.

The event, held at UMass Boston, was attended by 300 providers, advocates, consumers and others, including Home Care Alliance staff and several Alliance members. Attendees were broken into three groups that focused on “Improving Access to Client Centered Services,” “Strengthening the Capacity of Human Service Organizations,” and “Sustaining a Quality Human Services Workforce.” Participants were charged with addressing these questions:

1.    What are the two to three major barriers (other than funding) that get in the way of working smarter and better?
2.    What can we do together to remove these barriers?
3.    What can state government and its private sector partners do to encourage and support innovation, both separately and in collaboration?

Alliance staff has been among those invited back to participate in follow-up workgroups who will continue to address these issues. For more info, visit the Human Services Summit website.

The Alliance would welcome any comments or suggestions on any of the above subjects so that we can be fully prepared to contribute. Workgroups will meet in mid-January. Please contact James Fuccione at the Alliance with any submissions.

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