Boston Globe: MA Lags on Assisted Living Homes

The Boston Globe reported on a Harvard Medical School study that revealed Massachusetts is below average when it comes to assisted living slots per resident over 65 years old.

The study’s lead author, and an assistant professor of health policy at Harvard, David Stevenson mentions the appeal of assisted living as well as home care:

“It comes down to what kind of long-term care we as a society think people should have access to,’’ Stevenson said. “Anyone who can avoid being in a nursing home does, whereas assisted living is hugely appealing to people, as are community-based and home services.’’

This quote, and the article in general, reiterates the importance of home care in that it is preferable to institutional care. Stories like this present the industry with an opportunity to remind policymakers that home care reaches the entire state without regard to income or location.

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