Follow the Alliance on Twitter and Save at Spring Conference

Spring Conference is just around the corner. If you`ve never attended, this is our biggest event of the year, and includes:

  • Workshops for your entire senior staff;
  • Can’t-miss keynote speakers like Secretary of Veterans Affairs Tom Kelley (a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient and the head of the Massachusetts VA system), and;
  • Exhibits from vendors offering the products and services you need.

In keeping with our technology-orientated Connect, Share, Innovate theme, we’re offering a special discount to our Twitter followers. Just sign in to Twitter, send us an @reply asking for the discount, and we`ll send you a coupon code good for $20 off each registration. It’s a simple and easy way to save on your registration fees and gives you a new way to follow the Alliance and its activities. Even if you’ve already registered for the conference, we`ll send you a refund for the difference.

Want to learn more about the Conference? Just visit its webpage and/or download a brochure. Don`t have a Twitter account or just new to it? It`s easy to use and free to set up. Just download the attached PDF and follow the instructions. Call me if you run into trouble.

How to Get the Discount:

  1. Sign-in to Twitter;
  2. If you’re not already following @thinkhomecare, do so;
  3. Send us an @reply requesting the discount such as “@thinkhomecare I`m attending the Spring Trade Show. Please send me the coupon code.”
  4. We’ll send you a direct message back with the coupon code.

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Author: Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer is the Alliance's Membership Coordinator and Webmaster. His email address is

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