Patrick Administration Postpones ADH Rate Cuts, Services Still in Jeopardy

Officials in Governor Deval Patrick’s Administration announced that rate cuts that would have taken effect today (Tuesday, March 15) to Adult Day Health, Adult Foster Care, and Day Habilitation Programs would be “postponed indefinitely.”

Those rate cuts amounted to a total of $10 million for the three programs, but there is still the danger of the much larger $55 million cut to Adult Day Health Services that would eliminate the “Basic” service category. A special advocacy day is planned for March 22 at the State House and any interested agencies offering Adult Day Health services are invited to attend. More information on the event is available here.

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2 thoughts on “Patrick Administration Postpones ADH Rate Cuts, Services Still in Jeopardy”

  1. Any cuts to the budget for health care services should be thought of carefully. Since that the human resources is the most important aspect in a government, their welfare should be not be put in jeopardy.
    Lian J. Diaz

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