Physician Face-to-Face Encounter Update: New Q&As

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have posted new guidance regarding the physician face-to-face requirement in order for patients to receive Medicare home health services.

Questions & Answers have been updated periodically by CMS and a new round has just been made available.

The new Q&A’s include:

Also, if you are from a home health agency and have not already done so, please comment on a national Face-to-Face Encounter Requirement Survey. Your feedback on whether the report reflects the issues your agency is facing will be instrumental in the Home Care Alliance’s advocacy and meetings with federal elected officials taking place at the end of March. You can comment on this newsfeed post or email James Fuccione at HCA.

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4 thoughts on “Physician Face-to-Face Encounter Update: New Q&As”

  1. It’s important to educate the marketing staff and Intake coordinator the correct way about the F2F Encounter. I stress to have good communication on the phone and with the doctor/staff as well. follow up phone calls are a must to be successful when trying to make your 90/30 day deadlines. Also is important to educate Dr.’s to understand that every diagnosis about the patient is pertinent to give the best plan of care. Nice Article Guys

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