New Materials and Guidance for CMS Care Transitions Program

A pair of presentations with helpful information and resources regarding the CMS Community-Based Care Transitions Program have been made available.

For home health agencies interested in applying or just getting started with the process, this CMS PowerPoint provides a good summary of the information, helpful links and resources, and answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

Another helpful set of presentations sponsored by the Commonwealth Fund is available and includes a webinar with audio featuring:

  • Anne-Marie Audet, M.D., M.Sc., moderator, vice president, Quality Improvement and Efficiency, The Commonwealth Fund
  • Eric Coleman, M.D., M.P.H., director, Care Transitions Program, and professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
  • Garry MacKenzie, M.D., medical director of cardiology services at McKay-Dee Hospital Center in Ogden, Utah
  • Janice Fitzgerald, R.N., director of quality and medical management at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Mass.
Lastly, there have been a lot of questions regarding how to proceed with the “root cause analysis” in the application. A very helpful resource to assist in this matter is available courtesy of the Care Transitions Quality Improvement Organization Support Center (QIOSC).
More updates and resources will be provided by the Home Care Alliance as they become available.

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