Disaster Prep – Is Your Agency Ready?

Home care agencies have unique responsibilities to their clients during disasters, epidemics, and terrorist attack.

But they also have unique resources. The simplest way to prepare for a disaster is to speak to your clients about the matter and to encourage them to take precautions and make plans.  A great starting point is the new Disaster Preparedness: For Seniors By Seniorsbrochure from the American Red Cross.  This handsome, 13-page brochure covers all the basics — with special attention to seniors including:

  • Building a disaster kit (including medications);
  • Planning an escape route;
  • Staying informed after a disaster takes place; and
  • Knowing what resources are available;

Best of all, the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health is making copies available free of charge.  Just download the order form, send it in, and they’ll send you up to 500 copies.

Even more importantly, disaster preparedness is vitally important — literally — for home care agencies. That’s why the Alliance partnered with DPH to develop the the Home Health Care Emergency Preparedness Handbook. The Handbookpresents Alliance best practices for preparing for natural disasters, epidemics, and terrorism. Contents include:

  • Standards of Care;
  • Infection Control;
  • Patient Tracking Controls;
  • Emergency Communication Resources;
  • Home Health Care Emergency Planning Resources;
  • Emergency Planning Training Resources;
  • Volunteer Opportunities

The Handbook also contains extensive appendixes on:

  • Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
  • Biological Weapons Agents
  • Emergency Policies & Procedures
  • CMS Altered Standards of Care

The Handbook comes in a three-ring binder and is available to Alliance Members for $25/copy, or $100 for five copies.

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Author: Tom Meyer

Tom Meyer is the Alliance's Membership Coordinator and Webmaster. His email address is tmeyer@thinkhomecare.org.

One thought on “Disaster Prep – Is Your Agency Ready?”

  1. You might want to look at EAD & Associates resource – disaster preparedness wheels for seniors and people with special needs [available in English and Spanish].

    They are decidely low-tech and so useful that I’ve taken to giving them to friends & family members. You can see them online at http://www.eadassociates.com/products.html#wheels

    EAD & Associates also provide an enormous amount of information on fully-inclusive emergency preparedness. You can call them at 718-330-0034 or reach Elizabeth Davis via email at edavis@eadassociates.com

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