Twas the Night Before …

This past week, Helen Siegel, our Director of Regulatory and Clinical Affairs retired after 17 years of supporting our member agencies in all issues clinical, QI,  and regulatory.  Helen took more calls than anyone in our office and responded to any and all questions sent her way.  Her knowledge and presence will be missed.

As part of her send-off, her peers at the Alliance prepared this for her:


Twas the night before Christmas, At the Alliance, Park Square
Not a creature was stirring, was noone there?

No stockings were on the desks or the walls
Not even the blue tree with disco glitter balls.

No TPL calls, no help me to start
No meetings, no minutes, not a single faxed chart.

The staff were all quietly digesting  the news
Helen’s departing, who’ll fill her shoes?

No visions of sugar plums, no candy canes
Can sweeten the blow, can help ease the pain.

When all appeared lost, Tim said, I have a plan
We’ll write to Santa, yes, Santa’s our man.

We’ll ask him to find someone…not naughty but nice
Who can take all these calls, and give good advice.

And if he could, perhaps someone who knows,
face to face and QI, and maybe the SCOs.

The email was sent and then we waited and waited
I guess even we knew our wish too inflated.

For even for Santa the task proved too rough
A replacement for Helen, that’s just not his stuff.

Skills like these, well the fact that years to hone,
Good thing Helen still has her cell phone!

But tis the season of miracles and light
One by one, the eight candles bring hope, and burn bright

So with hope for the future, and a fate we can’t fight

Happy Retirement, Helen
And to all, a good night! 

Happy Holidays and Peace and Joy in 2012.




Author: Pat Kelleher

Pat Kelleher is Executive Director of the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts.

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