State Seeking Providers to Enroll in Community Based Service Waiver for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury

MassHealth, The Massachusetts Rehab Commission and UMass Medical School’s Acquired Brain Injury Unit are seeking service providers who work with individuals with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) that reside in the community.

Two home and community-based services waivers, which MassHealth anticipates will serve 300 people over three years, are available for persons with ABI. These waivers, listed below, could help Medicaid-eligible persons with ABI move to the community from a nursing facility or chronic or rehabilitation hospital and get community-based services.

  • ABI Waiver with Residential Habilitation (ABI-RH) – This waiver is for individuals who need service in a provider-operated residence that has supervision and staffing 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • ABI Waiver with No Residential Habilitation (ABI-N) This waiver is for individuals who can move to their own home or apartment or to the home of someone else.

All waiver participants will work with a case manager to develop a service plan that will reflect the waiver services and support they need in the community.

Services available in the ABI waivers include:

  • day services;
  • supported employment;
  • transportation;
  • community-based substance abuse treatment;
  • occupational, physical, or speech therapy;
  • specialized medical equipment;
  • homemaker;
  • personal care;
  • adult companion;
  • chore;
  • home-accessibility adaptations;
  • individual support and community habilitation; and
  • respite.

Additional ABI waiver services that will be contracted through MRC include:

  • Residential habilitation services; and
  • Transitional assistance services.

MassHealth regulations and provider enrollment forms are available here.

Also, UMass Medical School will be holding a series of technical assistance sessions to provide an overview of the waivers and services offered as well as an in-depth review of the application forms and submission requirements. The schedule for those sessions is below, and RSVP’s or questions can be sent to or by calling 866-281-5602.







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3 thoughts on “State Seeking Providers to Enroll in Community Based Service Waiver for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury”

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